It doesn’t have to be New Year for a new resolution!


New Year Day is a time to start fresh. You start off with a clean slate, promising you won’t make the same mistakes last year. We’re only two months into the New Year and if you’re like me you have already broke your resolution. New Years has turned into a vicious circle; on the first day of every year you decide on a resolution that you are most likely going to break. This can be extremely frustrating, but why does it keep happening and what can we do to fix it?

Don’t wait until New Year! In reality it does not have to be the first day of a new year to make a change in your lifestyle. If you fell off track there is no reason you can’t get back on.

Despite our best intentions, we often promise something to ourselves that is overambitious or unrealistic. Common resolutions are to quit smoking, lose weight, or save money. These examples are very achievable, but they don’t happen overnight. When people don’t start seeing immediate results they tend to lose motivation, which then leads to giving up.

Willpower isn’t everything, and just thinking about failure often makes people despondent.  It is helpful to keep in mind sensible plans to address important issues in your life can be made any time of the year.

Coming up with a plan and sticking to it:

  • Only make one resolution: this will help you stay focused and your chances of being successful become much greater.
  • Avoid previous resolutions: they set you up for frustration and disappointment.
  • Break your goal into a series of steps: create sub-goals that are concrete, measurable and time-based.
  • Tell your friends and family: this will elicit support that will help you to stay on track
  • Regularly remind yourself of the benefits associated with achieving your goal.
  • Give yourself a small reward for when you achieve a sub-goal, this will maintain motivation and a sense of progress.
  • Keep a journal: writing how you feel after a set back will help you keep from backtracking in the future; you’ll know what caused it and how to avoid it.
  • Treat any failure as a set-back rather than giving up all together!

1422399_10202253735041744_596371601_nThe Men’s Eagles captivated a sold-out crowd of 18,500 people at PPL Park November 9th with a hard-fought 19-29 loss to the visiting New Zealand Maori All Blacks. With thousands of rugby fans in one place DWR took the opportunity to ask for donations to help our club. The girls met other teams, a lot of fellow rugby fans, and in the end made $334! A special thanks goes out to Erin’s mom van for making it all happen!

Drexel vs St. Joe’s

Thank you to everyone who came out to support us this past Saturday for our first home game of the 2013 fall season.  Drexel put up a good fight against St. Joe’s, managing to make it through to the second half despite having less than 15 able-bodied players on the field. Unfortunately, low numbers caused Drexel to forfeit the game. Our next game is at home and will be on Saturday, October 12 against La Salle at 10am.